The Advantages of a Natural Birth

The idea of natural childbirth can be very frightening for some new moms. After all, haven’t we been

told our whole lives that there is no pain on earth that compares with that of giving birth? There has

been so much talk of the pain associated with natural childbirth, in fact, that millions of mothers have

been scared beyond reason at even considering this means of delivering their new babies into the


It’s time for women to rethink the fear of delivering their babies without drugs. Yes, childbirth –

whether medicated or unmediated – is painful. However, there are some distinct advantages to

delivering naturally.

Here are just a few of the advantages of natural birth for you to consider:

Increased Clarity

The pharmaceutical pain killers used during child birth leave women groggy, disconnected and not

really in the moment, as it were. It’s sad, but many women report that these drug induced hazes have

actually kept them from remembering the birth process altogether. There are few moments in life that

are truly once in a lifetime. And the birth of your baby is definitely one of them. When you deliver

without the use of drugs, you will have increased clarity and connectedness with your baby throughout

the delivery.

Faster Delivery

The drugs that are used in epidurals do help to kill the pain, but they can also greatly increase the

overall time that you are in labor. Experts agree that women who have not been medicated are better

able to push effectively during labor, and more often than not, deliver their babies quicker. Yes, you

may feel more pain without the drugs, but you are more likely to be done with the process and enjoying

time with your baby faster, when you choose natural child birth.

Mom is in Control

When you get hooked up to an epidural, you immediately give up a fair bit of control over the birthing

process. You are stuck with an IV and very little control over your legs. When you choose natural child

birth, you are not reliant on an IV, and can decide to get up and walk should you so choose. Walking

can help to speed up delivery, and it’s much easier to do when you are not encumbered by pain killing


Better for Baby

The bottom line is that natural child birth is better for your baby’s well being. When you forgo the

epidural, your baby has the advantage of entering the world without the haziness or confusion

associated with the use of drugs. We all want to give our children every advantage that we can;

skipping the epidural allows you to give your baby a distinct advantage from the very first moment

they enter this world.

Keep these advantages in mind as you decide on the child birth method that is best for you and your

growing family.